Sofi Finnstam

Lecturer, tutor and method developer

Sociologist with many years of experience as a schoolcounsler in primary school and investigator in social services. Has pursued business-related student health development where school culture and communication are special areas of interest.

Sofi has previously been part of Karlstad Municipality's attendance team and has a high level of competence and many years of experience in supervising schools in school attendance issues.

With long-term strategic thinking, Sofi drives change processes that arouse commitment. Sofi is an esteemed supervisor and with strategic and analytical ability she makes teams and working groups grow.

Sara Lindahl

Project manager, lecturer, tutor and student health developers

Social psychologist with an electrical engineering education at the bottom, an exciting combination of knowledge that makes Sara conduct student health work and school development on several levels with great success.

Sara has worked as a coordinator for Karlstad Municipality's schoolounslers and been part of the central student health development group. She has previously run projects in social sustainability and accessible learning environments. In recent years, she has worked as a project manager for the school attendance project in Karlstad municipality, where she created the school attendance model and has since been an esteemed lecturer in the subject.

Her ability to clarify, concretize and visualize allows her to link research and practical experience in a way that can be understood by many. Her skills, experience and drive mean that today she can also call herself a social innovator.

Mattias Lindahl


Civil engineer in computer science with many years of experience in software development.

By contributing with a structured way of working, he drives development forward with a sure hand. With a positive attitude and great patience, he constantly finds solutions to new challenges where Monday is the best day of the week!

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