Sustainability work

Alla globala målen för hållbar utveckling

To achieve the sustainability goals in Agenda 2030, we must all contribute. Our ambition is to run the company in a responsible way that takes into account social, environmental and economic factors. Striving for good and stable economic growth enables us as a company to be the Impact company we want to be. For social sustainability, it is a driving force in our entire business. We have identified 4 global goals where we can influence the work towards sustainable development.

3. Good health and well-being

Ineq Solutions will be a company that leads the development of psychosocial methods in Scandinavia.

By digitizing psychosocial tools and developing new methods, we enable preventive efforts and create conditions for people's mental health, well-being and community.

4. Quality education

Ineq Solutions will contribute to all children feeling safe and included in school.

Our services and products provide professional skills development and conditions for creating a safe and inclusive environment for all and increasing accessibility for people with various types of disabilities.

5. Gender equality

    Ineq Solutions will be a company that strengthens and inspires female entrepreneurship and innovative power.

    The company aims to digitize and develop traditionally female-dominated professions and work to change gender roles and gender norms in society. The company has an even gender distribution on the board.

    9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Ineq Solutions will pave the way for new innovation companies.

    We want to inspire others who work in the public sector to dare to raise their ideas and take the step out as entrepreneurs. We also want to influence so that municipalities and regions enable competence and innovative power to be utilized at all levels.


    Sofi Finnstam

    Lecturer, tutor and method developers

    Sara Lindahl

    Project manager, lecturer, tutor anc student health developer

    About Ineq Solutions

    Ineq Solutions combines psychosocial knowledge with smart digital technology. We help you ensure quality and simplify your work with the help of our tools and education.

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